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November 15 2013


Apple TV: Streaming Entertainment To Your Television

If you are looking for big entertainment, that is what you can get with the brand new Apple TV MC572LL/A, in spite of its modest size. There's a large collection of HD movies you can rent from, in addition to commercial free TV shows in HD, also. You will find a large selection from the huge catalogue of Netflix titles or YouTube videos, which can be streamed immediately. With a single HDMI cable, the Apple TV will also be able to display your pictures and play your music from your pc. Looking for other brands with regards to led tv in Sri Lanka, take a look at Samsung LED TV series and Sony LED TV series.

You can watch thousands of TV programs which can be rented for 99 cents using the remote that comes with the Apple TV. The TV episodes are in hi-def and commercial free plus when you rent them, you have up to one month to view them and up to two days as soon as you start viewing it. On the iTunes store, there are approximately 7000 films with about 3400 titles in HD and many of the new pictures show up in the store at the same time as the DVD release. Whether you have a Macintosh or a Windows PC, your Apple TV can be connected to it, so everything on your computer can go directly to your HDTV by way of the Apple TV.

The most current Apple TV is smaller in size than the previous version, coming in at four inches per side. It features an internal power supply, and networking with ultra-fast wireless-N-Wi-Fi, as well as an Ethernet connection. Its compact size makes it inconspicuous, and its minimal power consumption make it quiet as well. If you want to control the Apple TV, you could use the remote or, if you download the Remote app, you can use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Most people are pleased with the Apple TV though there are some complaints. The two main problems are the lack of ESPN streaming and the lack of Hulu Plus on the gadget. ESPN delivers sports coverage that isn't available on Apple TV's offerings and Hulu Plus offers shows that are not available too. People also want to be able to access content on the pc with no need to have iTunes running. Yet another problem for some is that sometimes once the TV is turned off, the Apple TV will not switch off. A minor issue, but a big hassle for many people.

As with any item, the Apple TV MC572LL/A has positives and negatives. It is possible to stream all the major content from different gadgets to your Apple TV. You may want to have a look at other reviews before you decide to purchase.

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